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Best Wisdom tooth romoval in Banglore

Wisdom tooth romoval

The wisdom teeth are a set of 4 teeth in the upper and lower jaws that are meant to come out by easily twenties.
For many people, this 3rd and last molors does not erupt in the right direction.they may misaligned or impacted(in the base).

How long does wisdom tooth pain last?

Wisdom teeth are one of the last ones to erupt in the permanent dentition. They are located in the posterior most position in the jaw. There are a total of . four wisdom teeth in ones mouth, two in the mandible and two in the maxillae.

Wisdom tooth pain is common during its eruption and may subside or even on its own without any medications such as painkillers, but a few people find immense discomfort especially when the wisdom teeth don’t have enough place to erupt thus they opt for a de impaction treatment which is done by an oral surgeon.

Recurrent radiating pain in the back tooth region is symptomatic of wisdom tooth eruption and may last anywhere between few hours to few days.

The procedure?

Wisdom theeth extraction is made simple and safe with our expert hand.
It can be simple are surgical during your consulation ,our maxillofacial surgeon will use x-rays to determine the condition of surrounding bone, position of the tooth and roots to detrmine the type of procedure.
In both the cases, local anaesthesia is given to make the procedure comfortable and pain-free.
After the extraction small sutures(stiches) are put in.gauze is applied to minimize bleeding